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Riding Rules

  • Formation: Our image as a Club and our professionalism as motorcycle riders are on show every time we ride. Ride in a precise formation as road conditions permit. On a freeway, ride staggered or two abreast if the conditions permit. On a single lane road, ride inline or staggered if the conditions permit. When entering a township, ride two abreast and close together.

  • Do not fool around: When riding with the group, any member observing another member fooling around when in formation should discuss it with that member and attempt to clear up the situation. If it should persist, bring it to the attention of the Ride Captain.

  • Ride Captain: Ride Captains shall have the unchallenged right to terminate a member’s participation in a given ride or event for the Club’s safety or image. Upon request of the Ride Captain, the President may suspend the member pending the lodging of official charges against the member.

  • Riding Positions: While on any run, the Ride Captain will ride in front. The President may ride alongside or just behind the Ride Captain depending on the formation in use. In the absence of the Ride Captain and the assistants, whomever the Ride Captain appoints will ride point.

  • An assistant Ride Captain (Lieutenant) will ride at the rear. The Lieutenant will be responsible to assist any member who may break down or fall behind.

  • The line-up for a ride should be as follows: Ride Captain, President, Full Members, followed by Prospective Members, non-members and bringing up the rear a Lieutenant.

  • The Ride Captain will brief all riders prior to the start of a ride with details of the route.

  • Each member shall make it his business to know the route to be taken.

  • Use common sense at all times, remain alert, and anticipate your next move and those of the group. Exercise caution at all times and obey all traffic regulations.

  • Fuel Stops: Get to know your machine's cruising capacity with regard to fuel. Running out of fuel or making fuel stops with large groups is time-consuming. Therefore, everyone will arrive for the rides with a full tank of fuel and will top off their tank at every fuel stop, no matter how small the amount. This will avoid staggered fuel stops and possibly save time.

  • Bike Maintenance: Bike maintenance will be the responsibility of each member. Bring necessary tools and parts for your machine.

  • Wearing Apparel: On all Club rides, each member must wear their Club Patch. He should also wear the proper clothing when riding.

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