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South of Heaven (SoH) is a registered not-for-profit public company that was established in Victoria in 2018 with a focus on community service. Our roots trace back to an earlier association with a social motorcycle club founded approximately 12 years ago. During this time, we initiated fundraising efforts and organized events catering to the fan base of Australian cinema classics, including Stone, Mad Max, Running on Empty, Bad Boy Bubby, and Wolf Creek.

In those formative years, our members harboured a visionary outlook, aspiring to create substantial events that would be mutually beneficial for our community. Consequently, South of Heaven transitioned into a registered company, and we began orchestrating events in rural areas. These gatherings not only generated enthusiasm but also provided much-needed economic support to towns that had been struggling, particularly in the wake of recent natural disasters.

Over the years, SoH has successfully hosted a variety of events, such as the Mad Max 40th Anniversary, Dewey Hungerford Memorial Ride, Valhalla Poker Run, One Notch Up Tour, and the 2022 and 2023 Weekend with Hooks. These endeavours have allowed us to raise awareness and promote mental health, all while bolstering small rural communities through our event management.

Most recently, SoH organised the second Weekend with Hooks, a celebration of iconic Australian films, with a particular focus on Mad Max and Stone. The esteemed Australian actor Roger Ward took centre stage during this event.

Looking ahead, our next event will celebrate the 45th anniversary of the making of the iconic Australian movie, Mad Max.

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