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South of Heaven Ltd (SoH) is a not-for-profit public company registered in Victoria in 2018 and established for charitable purposes. Our group was originally part of a social motorcycle club established some 12 years ago where we began fundraising and creating events that supported the fan base of Australian movies such as Stone, Mad Max, Running on Empty, Bad Boy Bubby, and Wolf Creek.

In those early days, our members had a vision of the future that included producing epic fundraising ventures that could give back to our community; so South of Heaven became a registered company and we started to create events in country rural areas thereby generating excitement and brought much-needed money into towns who were only just surviving especially in the last few years.

Since that time, SoH has produced events such as the Mad Max 40th Anniversary, Dewey Hungerford Memorial Ride, Valhalla Poker Run, One Notch Up Tour and the 2022 Weekend with Hooks at Culgoa in central Victoria; all of which enabled us to raise many thousands of dollars which were donated to organizations including the Maryborough Hospital, MS, Veterans and many more.

Once again SoH will be hosting another Weekend with Hooks in September 2023. We will be celebrating those iconic Australian movies, especially Mad Max and Stone, and accordingly, veteran Australian actor Roger Ward who played Hooks from Stone, and Fifi from Mad Max will be the center of attention over the weekend.

The event will be held in Maryborough VIC on the 29th and 30th of September 2023. Entertainment will include live music from a number of well-known Melbourne bands and entertainers; a car and bike show and a ride/drive to commemorate recently deceased actor Vince Gill known as The Toecutter in the Mad Max movies.

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