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South of Heaven was founded in 2013 by three former members of the motorcycle club, Freedom Riders. Travis, Frosty and Burkey developed an idea within Freedom Riders to create a group whose job it was to keep the politics out of the general running of the cub, which left senior members to deal with the day-to-day operations.

The group became known as South of Heaven and was designed in an attempt to counteract the introduction of draconian-type laws being introduced into states such as Qld at that time. These laws having the potential to affect the common motorcycle enthusiast. As members of a religious organisation, South of Heaven is able to protect and represent its members within a church-type structure, thereby having the ability to thwart those draconian laws.

As most of the members had either Heathen or Pagan ancestry. The concept within Freedom Riders was not widely accepted and as a result Travis, Frosty and Burkey left the Club and formed South of Heaven Limited.

South of Heaven was incorporated as a religious organisation, its members following a Nordic/Celtic belief system. This allowed Club members to reap the benefits of being part of a religious organisation.

Today, South of Heaven isn’t looking at recruiting large numbers, we want quality riders who seek mateship, are like-minded, and most importantly, genuine.

The foundations are in place for us to spread our wings nationally, with the right members we believe we can accomplish our goal and more, we aim to support all motorcycle associations and clubs, we will endeavour to create events and raise money to fund our religious status as well as help our selected charity’s and most importantly continue to fight for our diminishing freedom.

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