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Mission Statement

The purpose of the organization is to foster a brotherhood dedicated people . This organization  is NOT in any way an Outlaw organisation, we are 'old-school' bikers. We aspire to be an inclusive organisation of like-minded individuals who enjoy a mutual interest in motorcycling.

Under our religious banner, we are proud to call ourselves heathens and pagans who follow the ways of the Old Gods of myth and legends as practiced by our forefathers.

We rely on one another’s good judgment to uphold a high standard for ourselves. Our behavior, both as individuals and as a club should fall in line with accepted community standards. We expect all Members to be guided by both the letter and the spirit of this code.

We actively strive to promote a better public image of motorcyclists and motorcycling by providing the opportunity for owners of motorcycles and others interested in motorcycling to ride together and meet regularly on a social and/or sporting basis.

We are here to foster camaraderie dedicated to motorcycle riding within a religious framework celebrating the seasons and festivals of old.

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