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Having spent the last 8 years participating in the development of Freedom Riders we’ve come to learn a fair bit about setting up an idea such as a fulling working SMC that has the potential to work, but the core part of any organisation is the members.  Soh isn’t looking at recruiting large numbers, we want quality riders who seek mateship and wish to see this great country behind bars.  Over next five years well be looking for potential members who are like minded and most importantly genuine.  The foundations are in place for us to spread our wings nationally, with the right members we believe we can accomplish our goal and more, we aim to   support all motorcycle associations and clubs, we will endeavour   to create events, much like we did in Freedom Riders and raise money to fund our religious status as well as help the selected charity’s and most importantly continue to fight for our diminishing freedom.  All full members will be a part of the development of SOH and decision making process. If you enjoy riding Solo and associating with the likeminded and have round the clock work commitments with the exception of some flexibility to hit the road three times a year, then SOH smc maybe for you.

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