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2013 South Of Heaven SMC Australia                    

Founded 2013

South of Heaven Social Motorcycle Club  derived from freedom Riders; originally the concept was created to developed a committee for Freedom Riders basically to keep the politics out of Freedom Riders, which left senior members to deal with any problems that would arise within Freedom Riders. Not only was SOH designed to swiftly eliminate problems within Freedom Riders but covertly was designed to represent riders as a religion due to the introduction of draconian type laws being introduced into states such as Qld , eventually having the potential to affect the common Motorcycle enthusiast.  After a number of years successfully running side by side with Freedom Riders Like a Big Brother so to speak questions started to be asked from varies Freedom Riders members , it was apparent  there were those who were concerned about a council Governing Freedom Riders then of course we have those who felt a spiritual  conflict with the South Of Heaven Logo all this brought pressure from within high ranks  to part South Of Heaven from Freedom Riders as it was causing too many unnecessary  issues and questions .

Today South Of heaven is now operated by the 3 of  4 original founders of Freedom Riders , we have spent the last eight years succefully operating as an association and now we run  South Of Heaven Smc  .

Our relationship with Freedom Riders is strong , while we are not  affiliated with the direction it now takes , as founder's we have the uttermost confidence its been left in good hands.

Our work
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