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Welcome to the official website of South of Heaven.

We are a not-for-profit organisation committed to delivering community-oriented activities with a focus on enhancing well-being. Our initiatives encompass the promotion of mental health and the support of small rural communities through event hosting.

Our primary objective is to unite like-minded individuals to celebrate their shared passion for cinema and culture while simultaneously contributing to the revitalisation and promotion of local areas.

Our events are thoughtfully crafted to pay homage to timeless cinematic works such as Stone, Mad Max, and Running on Empty. These gatherings not only offer attendees the chance to connect with one another but also serve as a platform for supporting a noble cause.

Over the past decade, we have successfully generated and allocated nearly $100,000 to aid mental health programs and bolster local communities. We take great pride in our organisation's achievements and are eagerly dedicated to furthering our mission of positive global impact. We extend our heartfelt thanks for visiting our website and for supporting our cause.

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